Wildlife Tour Lake Marion, Santee, South Carolina

Wildlife Tour Lake Marion, Santee, South Carolina

This 3.5 hour tour provides the perfect introduction to South Carolina’s inland sea. It’s undoubtedly the most memorable way to appreciate the largest expanse of fresh water anywhere in the Carolina's.

The stunning scenery provides a picturesque view in all directions. The abundant diversity of wildlife contributes to endless observation opportunities. There’s always a strong likelihood of a sighting since the lake is teeming with life. The fascination and intrigue of the wild can be so intoxicating. Especially, when you're up close to it.

Therefore, we’re eager to supply the right circumstances for the undertaking of this venture directly from the safety and security of our boat.

After enjoying this cruise, you will be able to tell your friends and family that you cruised on the largest expanse of fresh water in the state of South Carolina.

You’ll have your own unique story to tell about the wildlife you have seen first hand, such as: the American alligator, a barred owl, a Canada goose, a bald eagle, a flying osprey, or another wild and exotic animal.

There’s so many possibilities to encounter that you can take the tour several times and have a breaking new tale each time. The assortment of wildlife is extensive and this 3.5 hour tour absorbs a considerable portion of the lake allowing you to observe as much as possible. All the while, you will learn tidbits of local history to ensure an in depth adventure. That is why this tour should be among your top things to do when visiting Lake Marion.

It is simply the best way to experience the wildlife up close and gain local history about the lake at the same time.