Our customers can book online 24/7, or you are welcome to call the office and speak to a member of our staff for clarification. Renters must be at least 23 years old to make a reservation. You will need the debit or credit card that you use for booking the reservation with you to sign the rental agreement on the day of your rental.

Upon booking, we will require a $200 security deposit charged to your debit or credit card, which is a charge not merely a hold. After your booking, we will credit your card the amount of your security deposit minus gas charges, and any missing or damaged items, when necessary.

Your chargeback will be processed the following day of your booking. Please note that it might take as many as 48 hours for the credit to reflect on your card. For holidays and weekends, the credit might take as many as two business days following the boat’s return.

You will be financially responsible for any damage that is under $1,000, after which the deductible on the insurance will be met and the insurance company will pay the residual balance. Note, however, that claims made will only be covered if you follow the rules as outlined in our signed rental agreement.

If you hit the bottom of the lake or a stump with the propeller, it can and will damage the propeller, and potentially the lower unit of the motor. If you fear that you have hit the bottom, raise the motor for inspection of damages. All damages must be called in immediately, and we will respond by sending someone to help fix the problem so that it isn’t made worse.

A prop replacement, while out on the Lake, will have an additional charge of $175 plus the cost of the propeller, $150-$450 depending on the boat. If the prop is severely damaged or bent and you return without alerting us, the charge will be a $1,000 liability limit. All of our boats come equipped with a depth finder. Please familiarize yourself with it, and watch it at all times to avoid costly damage.

We allow our renters to Captain their excursion. If you want to sit back and enjoy the day, then we also offer Captain guided packages.
Check-in time for rentals is from 8:30 to 10:00 am. If that time is not agreeable to your schedule, we advise you to call our office to set up an alternate time. We will not have people at the landing after 10:00, so please make arrangements in advance for a later pick-up time. All vessels must be returned to the dock by 5:00 pm. Late return fees are $100 for every thirty minutes past the drop off time.
If you return the boat on time, there are no fees. For boats that are returned late, there will be an additional $200 late fee per hour that is prorated every thirty minutes.
Damages will be deducted from your security deposit, with the balance being due following your return by charging the card on file.
Our vessels all come complete with the required Coast Guard safety equipment, which includes standard adult devices for the maximum occupancy of the vessel. We ask that you bring an appropriately sized life vest for anyone under the age of 12, which is tightly fitted. In South Carolina, anyone under the age of 12 is required by law to wear a floatation device at all times.
When you pick up your rental, it will be fully fueled. Upon returning, we will refuel the boat and deduct the money from your security deposit. You are free to fill it up yourself, but note that if it is not completely full, we will charge your card for the amount necessary to top it off.
If there is no available parking in front of our rental area please see a Santee Boat Rentals employee and they will direct you where to park.

In South Carolina, you do not need a boating license. You do, however, need to have a valid driver’s license to rent the boat. And you must also be at least 23 years old to rent, but only 18 years old to drive. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources will have a copy of the rules and regulations required for driving a boat. The person who is operating the boat will be responsible for any damage done, regardless of who drove while the damage occurr

Prop damage is the most common type of damage, due to poor water visibility, so we will inspect the boat with you at the pick-up and then again at the drop-off. Any damage to the prop must be reported immediately. And if it needs to be repaired while you are out on the lake, there will be a $175 fee on top of the cost of repairs. Please watch the depth finder carefully, as it is your greatest resource to avoid any prop damage